Event Planner or DIY Party: Which Is Best For You?

Whether it's a birthday party, a business conference or a wedding, a successful event will always depend on good planning. So is it better to do it all yourself or get someone with experience and expertise to handle all the organisation and preparation?

First consider your wants and needs. Is the party themed? Is it a niche theme that requires a certain level of knowledge to get just right? In these cases it may be best to take on some of the planning responsibilities yourself. Alternatively, finding a specialist party planner may be an option, in which case you'll simply make sure that you have the final say and a lot of input before any final decisions are made. Bear in mind that party planners are professionals often with years of experience, so you are unlikely to be the first customer with what may be an unusual request.

Is budget your main concern? If so, you may automatically think that it would save you money to go straight to the party hire companies yourself and skip the middle man. Some party planners may have agreements with suppliers, and they may be able to pass those savings on to you. The more involved you are with the party planner, the more control you can have over the budget. That control and those possible discounts may make it more affordable to consult a professional than trying to take everything on yourself.

As well as discounts, professional party planners will know where to go for quality. You may be limited by what businesses you are aware of or could become reliant on review sites for which businesses you use when planning your event. A professional planner will likely have suppliers that they have used time and time again, developing a relationship over time. They will know who is reliable and flexible and who supplies excellent service. While these factors can be important regardless of your event, it is crucial to be able to depend on any wedding hire companies when planning the big day, and using a professional planner may give you that confidence.

Planning a big event by yourself can be a lot of fun, allowing you to make sure that everything is exactly how you imagined it. But sometimes it can also be a stressful experience. Sharing the load with a professional planner and professional party hire companies may give you just enough freedom to enjoy the event itself without worrying about it on the day.