Ideas for Including Signs in Your Wedding Decor

Although weddings are one of those things that don't really change a great deal, there are still definite trends that come and go. If you've been to a wedding recently or if you've seen pictures online, you've probably noticed how popular ornate or quirky signs have become.

Using signs as part of your wedding decor is certainly a good way to add a personal touch or enhance your chosen theme, but you might be stuck for ideas on how to actually use them. Here are some of the ways to incorporate signs into your wedding for an extra unique touch.

Welcome guests

Using a large sign, you can give people arriving at your wedding a warm welcome. Many wedding hire companies offer generic signs with welcome messages in various styles, so you have a good chance of finding one that fits your theme.

Alternatively, some hire businesses offer custom signs that can be decorated with temporary paint. You could also hire a chalkboard and design your own message.

Provide directions

It's helpful to put up some signs pointing people in the direction of things like the bar, the seating area and the dancefloor, especially if your wedding is in a large venue or spread out in an outdoor location. You're likely to find signs with all the things you need already written on them, again in various styles to suit you, including arrow-shaped signs that make following directions easy.

If you're having an outdoor wedding, you can hang your direction signs from trees or hire ones on stakes that can go into the ground. Either of these lends a special, magical touch to your wedding and adds a bit of excitement as your guests find their way around.

Display meaningful quotes

You shouldn't find it too hard to find some quotes or phrases that have special meaning for you and your partner. There are some signs available for hire which already have quotes written on them, but many people prefer to make things more personal. The best way to do this is to hire some chalkboards and write on them yourself. If you're not convinced by your ability, get an artistic friend to help you out.

Give people instructions

It's helpful to provide a bit of guidance for certain aspects of your wedding. If you have help-yourself food or a photo booth, for example, a sign can be a useful way to encourage people to go ahead and to make sure they understand what to do.

These don't have to be particularly wordy, and you can probably find brief messages with just what you need from your hire company.

Contact a wedding hire company for more ideas.