3 Tricks To Plan Amazing Wedding Décor On A Shoestring Budget

With the average Aussie wedding amounting to $51,245 according to a survey of 500 brides, it's no secret that getting married can cost you a fortune. And while a significant chunk of the budget goes into venues and catering, the costs of wedding décor can also add up. But if you don't have a massive budget to spare on décor, you don't have to be disappointed. Here are some tricks to help you plan amazing wedding décor on a shoestring budget.

Choose A Venue That Looks Dressed Up Without Needing Too Much Décor

If you're looking to save some money on décor, then it makes sense to choose a venue that looks well-dressed without you needing to add too much décor. For example, classic arched doorways, large ornate windows, stunning chandeliers, beautiful lighting and decorative ceilings can add style on their own – allowing you to reduce your wedding décor budget significantly since you won't need to transform a dull room into something magnificent. You will likely need to add very little in décor to make the space look gorgeous, which may include fresh flower arrangements, themed table linens and wedding favours.

Hire What You Can; Don't Buy Everything!  

Wedding décor is sometimes best hired so you don't end up having to spend too much, especially on things you're probably never going to use again. While you may need to purchase some décor items, you don't have to buy everything when you're looking to keep your costs down. For example, the costs to buy welcome signs, floral arches, flower baskets, ring bearer pillows, centrepieces, cake toppers and aisle runners can really add up. But these items can be hired, so you can keep your costs lower by hiring them. Keep in mind things like fresh flowers will need to be purchased – but hire out what you can.

Keep Flowers Simple And In Season

Flowers that are not in season will always be more expensive than in-season flowers, so choose them wisely when planning your venue's floral arrangements. For example, flowers like daisies, daffodils and gardenias are in season for spring weddings, while roses, sweet peas and tulips are available for winter weddings in Australia. You also don't have to go overboard with the amount of flowers you choose in arrangements. Get your florist to add inexpensive flowering branches and other elements to the arrangements to keep costs low without compromising on style.

Wedding décor doesn't have to be overpriced when you make smart decisions. Consider wedding dé​cor hire to get started.