How Audio Visual Solutions Can Take Your Event To The Next Level

Hosting an event, whether it is for work or for personal reasons, is a stressful task that often leads to self-doubt about whether or not people will enjoy their time. It is hard to come up with a new and exciting idea that will really invigorate the crowd and get an atmosphere going that will make the night a memorable one. Luckily there are a few different solutions which could make your event seem like it cost a million dollars at just a fraction of that price. Audio visual (hereafter referred to as AV) are growing in popularity at events across Australia, and it is not hard to see why.

What's Included In AV Hire? 

AV is simply a broad term covering everything under the audio visual banner, from screens, projectors and computers to sound systems, light shows and holographic projections. Technology has made absolutely incredible leaps forward to the point where now most events utilise some aspect of AV hire. If you are hosting a strictly business event, such as an end of year report or shareholders function, then you will need appropriate lighting, projectors and adequate microphone coverage. If you plan on hosting a reception for a wedding, then you will need mood lighting, a great sound system for music and perhaps an artistic feature in the form of a projected hologram. All of these things are covered under AV hire.

What AV Should I Get For My Event?

Full AV hire can be a bit expensive, but the results of this investment are undeniable. Over 5 billion dollars was spent on events planning and hire in Australia in 2018, and much of this is on the AV department, which is often considered the backbone of the whole night. Before you decide on exactly what you need, you should consider full AV hire so that you can get the help of professionals in AV to help you write a list of what you need, order all the items and help set it up with you. Full AV hire can be expensive, but when guided through by the experts that work at AV contractors, your night will be very memorable for all the right reasons. 

Create The Night

On the night of your event, you want to have plenty of time to set up and test the AV to make sure it all runs smoothly together. As with every bit of technology, sometimes things go wrong for no apparent reason and you need time to work out where you went wrong. This is especially true for people that have quite complex AV setups, and you may need a couple of technicians and experts on hand to help make sure there is no problem. The last thing you want is for thousands of dollars of equipment to go to waste because no one knows how to run it.