How to plan the perfect audio equipment hire

In any large gathering of people, there is always going to be a degree of background noise and for some types of events the level of this noise will be higher than others. When you want to be heard at such a gathering what do you do? You could try to shout, but you probably still won't be heard, and you will just end up damaging your voice. A far better solution is to arrange for audio equipment hire so that all speakers can be heard clearly throughout your venue. Whether you are planning a wedding, a conference or a festival there is nothing worse for your audience than having to strain to hear what is being said.

What should you hire? If you have never arranged audio equipment hire before, then it can be daunting to try and work out exactly what you need to complete the right sound system for your event. The equipment you need will vary, depending on the nature of your event, and it can be helpful to ask the advice of the hiring company since they will know what type of equipment normally gets hired together in particular situations. Before you visit the hire centre, you should spend some time thinking through exactly how you will use the audio equipment and what features are important to you. Speakers and microphones are the obvious essentials but beyond that audio equipment will diverge, depending on your needs. In most cases, you will want the ability to plug in extras such as laptops or mp3 players. You may also want to include splitters, amplifiers, subwoofers or even a DJ mixer to increase your control over the sound quality. Planning your event in advance will help to ensure that your audio equipment matches your requirements.

Planning your event

Questions to consider before your event include:

  1. How will you power your audio equipment? If you are hosting an indoor event then you must ensure that a suitable number of plug sockets are available for use. If your event will take place outdoors, then consider whether battery-operated equipment will be able to last for a sufficient amount of time or whether you will need to consider using a generator.
  2. How many people will be attending? The larger the attendance you expect, the more powerful the audio equipment you will need to hire.
  3. What will the event be like? Will you have a single speaker or will there will be multiple people who need access to a microphone at the same time? Will there be audience participation which will require the introduction of roving microphones? Will you want to play music and if you do, how will the music connect to the audio equipment?

Thorough advance planning is the best way to ensure that your audio equipment hire company is able to supply exactly what you need. Speak to professionals who provide audio equipment hire for more information.