2 Key Aspects to Include in Your Wedding Venue Checklist

Choosing an appropriate venue for your wedding is one of the most important aspects of the wedding planning process. After all, that's where guests will come to watch you exchange vows with your significant other.  But with so many options available, from private gardens or churches to hotels, country clubs and vineyards, finding the right place for your nuptial day can be downright overwhelming. For you to make the right pick, you need to think through a number of important things.

3 Tricks To Plan Amazing Wedding Décor On A Shoestring Budget

With the average Aussie wedding amounting to $51,245 according to a survey of 500 brides, it's no secret that getting married can cost you a fortune. And while a significant chunk of the budget goes into venues and catering, the costs of wedding décor can also add up. But if you don't have a massive budget to spare on décor, you don't have to be disappointed. Here are some tricks to help you plan amazing wedding décor on a shoestring budget.

Ideas for Including Signs in Your Wedding Decor

Although weddings are one of those things that don't really change a great deal, there are still definite trends that come and go. If you've been to a wedding recently or if you've seen pictures online, you've probably noticed how popular ornate or quirky signs have become. Using signs as part of your wedding decor is certainly a good way to add a personal touch or enhance your chosen theme, but you might be stuck for ideas on how to actually use them.

Event Planner or DIY Party: Which Is Best For You?

Whether it's a birthday party, a business conference or a wedding, a successful event will always depend on good planning. So is it better to do it all yourself or get someone with experience and expertise to handle all the organisation and preparation? First consider your wants and needs. Is the party themed? Is it a niche theme that requires a certain level of knowledge to get just right? In these cases it may be best to take on some of the planning responsibilities yourself.